Several environmental groups, such as the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council, have condemned Mr. Trump`s decision. [62] [63] American environmentalist and writer Bill McKibben, founder of the Climate Change Action Group, called it “a stupid and ruthless decision – our nation`s stupidest act since the start of the Iraq war.” McKibben wrote that Trump`s decision to step down “is a complete rejection of two civilizing forces on our planet: diplomacy and science.” He called on U.S. states and cities to “double” their renewable energy commitments. [64] Petitions have been launched across the country to convince state governors to accede to the Paris Agreement or cancel Trump`s planned withdrawal, including a “ParisMyState” and a MoveOn petition, which received more than 535,000 signatures. [52] [53] [54] [55] No nation can cope alone with the effects of climate change. The Paris Agreement ensured commitments from almost every nation in the world to fight climate change. It`s a real global company. Countries present their climate commitments and ensure that all nations do their part to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change. These commitments cover emissions from 190 countries – 97% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This agreement ensures for the first time that all major emitters – including China, India, Mexico, Europe, Japan and the United States – will reduce their emissions. And because our action helps encourage others to act, we cannot protect Americans from the damage caused by climate change if we do not act at home and help secure the actions of other countries. 1.

The world has shown record support for the Paris Agreement: in December 2015, the Paris Agreement was adopted by almost every country in the world and broke records along the way: the adoption of the agreement was the largest meeting of the world`s heads of state and government in one place; the signing of the agreement saw the highest number of signatures for an international agreement in a single day of history (175!); and the agreement came into force in record time – only 11 months from adoption to signature, through ratification and the entry into force of the Tampa Bay Times, criticized this approach, writing that it would particularly endanger coastal states like Florida, which are already suffering from rising sea levels, harming property and infrastructure and harming drinking water supplies. [191] The Detroit Free Press stated that “President Donald Trump has betrayed the future of our children, our grandchildren and our planet.” [10] In response to the withdrawal, the governors of California, New York and Washington created the United States Climate Alliance the following week and pledged to stop the Paris Agreement within their borders. [74] [75] On the evening of June 1, 2017, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Oregon, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and Virginia announced their intention to partner with members of the United States Climate Alliance to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.