We work with potential members to get certified as a union and achieve the wages, benefits and respect they deserve. The AEP consists of nine chapters or groups of members who work for the same employer or who are in the same field of work. Each chapter has an elected executive to lead the chapter`s affairs. Each chapter is entitled to be represented to the executive of the AEP, the union`s governing body. 3. Leave is carried out by mutual agreement, subject to operational requirements. The remaining deadline from March 31 of the following calendar year is paid. Article 12.01 of the AEP Control Agreement allows the union to appoint observers to professional competitions. The AEP exercises its right to observer in cases where there is reason to believe that some competition may not go overboard. As a general rule, the union appoints a local AEP representative who fulfills the observer obligation.

This obligation is as follows: The collective agreement between the AEP and province BC expires on March 31, 2022. The negotiating team may, after consultation with members, indicate a language that aims to improve meritorious compensation beyond the system described above. Compensation in the form of deserving benefit leave for full-time regular workers working in emergency situations is indicated in Schedule H of the collective agreement. Note that improvements were made to the collective agreement during the last round of negotiations and that members are now entitled to additional compensation two weeks before the recognition process is activated. The general sheets are not designed for the holidays. As stated in the collective agreement, periods of general absence apply “for purposes other than those mentioned in the agreement.” Annual leave is stipulated in the agreement. What are the current rights of AEP members under the collective agreement? Section 33.02 of the BPL Management Contract provides a means of tracking filing claims and resolving them by third parties when disputes cannot be resolved with the employer. The classification procedure under the framework agreement is available to all GLPs – EC and others – in the same way.