“You know your clients better than we do.”  That’s a fact, and it is one of the most important areas of discussion we have with you.  Who is your target audience?

This article in Forbes magazine provides a sophisticated overview of the principle steps we discuss with our clients – steps that guide us in designing the type of marketing materials and communications that offer maximum results.

What are the primary benefits of your product or service?  Will it save the buyer time or money or make their day-to-day lives easier?  Is the price worth the benefit?

Who will most likely purchase and use your product?  Is it a young man in search of a tool to better fulfill his job?  A mature woman who drives a Mercedes?  A family  in need of home protection?

The more knowledge we have about your product or service the better we can provide creative materials that resonate with your potential buyer.  Hip and upbeat colors and design?  Conservative color palette and corporate sophistication?  A font that appears to be ‘on the move’ or a contemporary font that reflects your forward thinking?

The choices are many, but that’s why Coastline Studios in Orlando, Florida has helped clients from every type of business achieve their goals.

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