Business owners frequently spend a great deal of time developing sales and marketing materials, only to miss their intended mark with potential customers. Coastline Studios recently had a client who needed help developing a new sales brochure. In the course of our interaction, we discovered several problems:

  • Excessive information in all marketing materials
  • Highly scientific data and graphics, inappropriate for most clients
  • Negative comments about competitors
  • Minimal feedback in the brochure development process

Once again, our client certainly knew their customers better than we did; but they applied an overkill strategy to try to elevate their brand. They also allowed their staff to adapt presentations ‘on the fly’ with unintended, unprofessional results.

In this age of Twitter and Instagram, tight copy and to-the-point presentations are far more likely to capture the attention . . . and the sale . . . of target customers.

Just as this Forbes article focuses on misdirected marketing, our team at Coastline Studios guides the client in:

  • Developing an overall sales and marketing strategy
  • Presenting abbreviated marketing materials to stimulate interest
  • Avoiding negativity about competitors

We invite you to review our online portfolio and give us a call to discuss your marketing needs.